Have your party boat decorated before you arrive! Choose one of our themed packages!

disco party

Disco On Deck

Choose our disco themed package and dance the night (or day) away! Small to large disco balls throughout the boat with a large disco ball above the bar, all complimented by party lights and a neon sign to ‘Boogie on Board’!

pink boat decor

Monochrome Pink

Alana’s monochrome pink themed package makes it easy to see life through rose colored glasses! With a pink and white checkered bar top, pink decor and a neon sign, you will truly ‘La Vie En Rose’!

blue party boat

Monochrome Blue

Monochrome blue is the perfect themed package to celebrate on board! Alana will be decked out with a blue checkered bar top, blue bar top decor, pillows and even a ‘Blue Hues and Cruise’ neon sign. Deep dive into blue hues!

Want to make your party boat rental even more amazing? Choose one of our amazing themed packages!

Disco On Deck

Immerse yourself in a vibrant disco atmosphere where the glitter of disco balls sparkles from every corner, culminating in a grand display above the bar. Accompanied by dazzling party lights and a neon ‘Boogie on Board’ sign, this package promises a lively, dance-filled journey on the waves.

  • Disco Balls
  • Party Lights
  • “Boogie on Board” Neon Sign
  • Disco Ball Vases with Floral
  • Disco-Themed Pillows

Add-ons Available

  • Disco Cups w/lids (additional $5pp)
  • Disco Ball Straws (additional $2pp)
  • Silver Glitter Swim Floaties ($20 ea)
disco ball theme
disco boat theme
disco boat decor party

Monochrome Pink

Opt for a touch of whimsy with our Monochrome Pink theme that bathes your party in a soft, romantic glow. Featuring a chic pink and white checkered bar top and stylish pink accents, this setup is perfect for those who dream of seeing the world in rose-colored hues, complemented by an elegant ‘La Vie En Rose’ neon sign.

  • Pink & White Checkered Bar
  • Pink Bartop Decor
  • Pink Pillows
  • ‘La Vie En Rose’ Neon Sign

Add-ons Available

  • Heart Sunglasses (additonal $3pp)
  • Pink Swim Floaties (additional $15pp)
  • Pink Transparent Visors (additional $5pp)
pink boat bar top
pink boat decor
pink boat decor

Monochrome Blue

Dive into the serene vibes of our Monochrome Blue package, ideal for setting a cool, calming mood aboard. With blue checkered patterns and harmonious decor, this theme is a nod to the ocean’s depths, enhanced by a ‘Blue Hues and Cruise’ neon sign that perfectly captures the essence of your maritime celebration.

  • Blue Checkered Bar
  • Blue Bartop Decor 
  • Blue Pillows 
  • ‘Blue Hues & Cruise’ Neon Sign 
  • Blue Seat Cushions

Add-ons Available

  • Heart Sunglasses (additonal $3pp)
  • Blue Swim Floaties (additional $15pp)
  • Blue Transparent Visors (additional $5pp)
boat rental blue decor
blue monochrome
bar top blue decor


While Alana does not provide food, we do work with a great list of preferred vendors! You may use an outside vendor upon approval from your venue coordinator. You are also welcome to bring your own cold platters, and snacks. Note: you will need to bring your own plates, utensils, etc. *Heating devices are not allowed without a caterer present


Alana Yacht Rental has a full liquor license, so outside alcohol can not be brought on board. We do have options available for open, hosted and cash bar options!


Alana has full surround sound with bluetooth capabilities, so you can play your favorite music throughout your charter! You are welcome to hire a DJ from our preferred vendor list. You may use an outside vendor upon approval from your venue coordinator.